Tips and tricks learned from 2,500 miles of bionx ebiking
   Welcome to my Bionx

Featuring: The Bionx ebike conversion kit and a Montague Folding
Mountain bike (and a Wike Golf Trailer).

This website, and my 40 page "Bionx Real World User Guide" tells of my often painful e-bike experiences and ebiking realisations whilst riding my first 2500kms (1500 miles) on Swiss urban and mountain trails on my Montague folding electric bike.

Hopefully my mistakes, learned the hard way, will help you or a loved one make the right decisions when buying and riding an expensive  ( and very fast! ) electric bike.  I also pull together a variety of BIONX information and helpful hints that I have learnt from 3 years of surfing the online e-bike forum world!!
Essential reading for all ebike users and potential e-bike users!

But don't take my word for it. Here is some happy customer feedback for the Real World User Guide for ebikes!
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*New Chapter update:23/09/2010!!!

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And: Contained in the Bionx User Guide.....The Big Brother Section!! - General ebiking Tips on Staying Alive,  including the telling of my 5 closest calls to meet the Great Kahuna in the sky!!   Essential reading as all is not as it seems in the ebike world...speed, perceptions of other road users, tire choice, lighting options...all are different on an ebike, and all are explored in a The Bionx Real World User Guide!

Remember, you don't need to pass an official test to ride an electric bike.

But would you ride a normal motorbike without asking someone about the basics first??

If I am being totally honest, it is bl**dy dangerous riding an electric bike in an urban environment.  I jest you not.  E-biking is without doubt however, also the best thing I have done in the last 5 years to change my way of living for the better!

We know exercise is good, but my regular bike just sat gathering dust in my cellar....it just didn't appeal, especially with there being these big things called mountains all around here in Switzerland.......In two years of e-biking I have now notched some 3,000 kms of electro assisted riding!  It is amazing!  I am 39 and just sold my nissan 350Z convertible car because of this ebike revelation!!   And that includes loving the fun times riding throughout the Swiss winter too!! It's never really cold or wet, you just have to be dressed right!! haha

The green book on the left is the glossy professionally printed coffee table edition (ISBN:9781456310189) and the white book on the right is the kindle edition. If you choose the glossy paperback version and email me a picture of you holding it, I will send you the electronic ibook version for free!
 It works sweet on the ipad too.

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Table of contents:

* How this online guide works and introduction to Adobe BUZZWORDs

* The Bionx kit introduction.

* How much does it cost to charge?

* How long does a charge last in the real world?

* How long does the battery last before degradation sets in ?

* What are the limitations of the system?

* What to look out for in a bike you are going to fit it to

* How well does it stand-up to bad weather?

* How to turn off the speed limiter and other marvellous Codes to Freedom !

* How fast can you go and how far does it go ?

* The BIONX 2008/9 Codes of Freedom - to allow you to alter the wheel size, top speed, assistance levels and a host of other customisable digital parameters.

* False battery charge reading solution:

* The Big Brother section - Tips on Staying Alive. - including the recounting of my 5 close calls to meeting the great Kahuna in the sky...

* What do you need to carry with you at all times - general good ebiking advice

* Locking it - what you need at least

* Lighting it - LED's baby!!

* Insuring it - Yes do. And do it well.

* General good tips about staying alive whilst e-biking in an urban setting

* Goodbye

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Author's Notes about the Real World BIONX User Guide

I have written this guide to assist you in evaluating a purchase of either a road-ready BIONX powered bike set up or a D.I.Y BIONX electric motor kit you are going to fit yourself.   This fun Real World BIONX User Guide is also of particular use to anyone wanting to know the low down about using an electric bike on a day-to-day basis and the issues you should look out for during your hunt for a new elektro-ride.   Frame shape, stability, battery position etc. etc. all are explored in the guide.

Let's not forget, spending upwards of $5000 for a new bike is not an every day decision! Forewarned is Forearmed, my friends!

My experiences of using the BIONX kit on a day to day basis on Swiss Alpine hill roads and off-piste trails, will definitely help you avoid some of the more painful newbie mistakes I made!   Some of them were just close calls, some were down right dangerous accidents.  For example, I came out of hospital on 15/09/09 after having had my collarbone plated after coming off very hard, breaking it in 2 places...but with hind-sight, it really was easily avoidable.   

Learn from my schoolboy errors and avoid some future pain in your life!

Many good ebike tips and tricks are included too of course,  it's not just all about pain!

Full Disclosure:

I am not in anyway connected to BIONX or Montague.  I just love my ebike :)

Some Internet Media Releases:

"Is this guide relevant to other BIONX models and other ebike kits and electric scooters on the market today? Yes absolutely. 100 % relevance. It gives a frank account of the good, the bad and the ugly of e-biking and it will surely inspire you to get on an ebike of any kind and go and save the world too!" ebikeguru.com

"This guide helps point out some easy ways to avoid the hidden pitfalls and "accidents waiting to happen" - issues you may not immediately think about when starting out ebiking, or indeed normal push biking for that matter. " eBikePlus.com

And some Full Guide excerpts:

"I guarantee you will not miss the days when you only had your own power on tap to conquer the up-bits and I guarantee it will make you fitter than you have ever been without you even noticing.   Even if you are Mr. Triathlon, this bionx ebike kit will blow you away.   Getting on an ebike and easily doing 15kms without even breaking a sweat, even up hills, is really a big deal in my book (literally!).   Arriving at work not sweating like Fred West's paper-boy is also a major benefit."

"At upwards of $5000 for a top BIONX set up and a good "host" bike (inc. a few $$for extras) is not a light hearted investment though, so I hope this guide will show you some of the limitations and benefits of an electric bike conversion kit.   To be honest there are very few disadvantages to ebiking.   Rain, physical effort and dying more easily than if you were sat in your Porsche, are probably a few of the more obvious minuses though...and weight distribution, stability at speed, tire choice and frame shape are just some of the many things to ponder when...."

Remember folks! You don't need to pass a test to ride an electric bike.  But would you ride a normal motorbike without someone teaching you the basics first ?? 

You can get through to the LIVE Amazon preview version here!!

I update my experiences and as I continue to ride, most sunday evenings, over on www.ebikeguru.com,  and in the news page on this site.  So check back here, or drop the ebikeguru rss feed into your google reader and keep track of what else I manage to break....hopefully only the hardware from here on in!

Should you have some browsing time, I also host:

All of the e-bike parts, bits and bobs, gadgets and bling, that I have destruction tested and eventually ended up with on my electric bike, are all for sale there, the ebike shop is powered by Amazon, so rest assured, they are the best ebike prices on the planet!

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